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About that Carrier Deal: New Article at FEE

January 23, 2017

by J. Andrew Zalucky


We like to make jokes about the corruption in the former Soviet states: “In Soviet Russia, election rigs you!” But are we really in a position to gloat now?

Republicans, carrying a greater share of post-Cold War fervor, used to like to make these sorts of comments. They would prize the American (or Anglo-American) commitment to free enterprise and fair play. But of course, the mid-20th century ideal many Americans long for is littered with examples of the government making laws and investments that aggrandize some businesses and industries more than others.

And with our new President, promising infrastructure investments, tariffs and other forms of intervention, we may all in a poor position to judge our old adversaries. This is the subject of my new article at The Foundation for Economic Education:

The state should never own or control major industries or enterprises. Additionally, it should not hand out favors to some companies at the expense of others. When it does, the result is almost always corruption, kleptocracy and a political culture that benefits the most privileged and criminal elements of society.

Read the whole thing here.

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