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The Future of An Illusion: New Article at Decibel

January 22, 2017

by J. Andrew Zalucky


For years now on this site and others, I’ve consistently argued against one thing: the growth of executive power. Additionally, I’ve tried to attack the impulse to leader-worship as viciously as possible. With the inauguration of Donald Trump to the American Presidency, we may get to see what I wouldn’t shut up about.

This past Tuesday, I emailed my editor at Decibel about what I should write for my weekly column. The reply came back to maybe talk about the inauguration. I decided to take my views and filter them through an extreme metal framework. If you’re in a TL;DR mood today, here’s my key point:

Some of us actually get into positions where we can influence the President (e.g. the cabinet, congress, various bureaus). And if you carry a mawkish, romantic fantasy of Presidential glory, you might be poorly equipped to challenge that next drone strike, that wire-tap of a civil rights leader, or a break-in at the headquarters of the political opposition – not to mention show trials, executions and wars of aggression.

Though the article is intended for everybody, I had my Obama-supporting liberal friends top-of-mind.. Yes, I was one of them originally. But as I saw his continued stretching of the executive branch and Presidential power, I had to relinquish my support. It doesn’t matter if you think the President is a nice, honorable, funny and intelligent person. You still need stern limits on power, in case we get stuck with a demagogic, narcissistic scoundrel.

Well. Here we are.

One more note. I did notice an irony on Friday. Many of the anarchist protesters went out of their way to smash up local businesses in Washington DC, including a Starbucks. Some of the same types of people smashed up the same business in Seattle in 2000 to protest against globalization and free trade. And now we have a President who’s against globalization and free trade. Funny how that worked out.

Read the entire article here.

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