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Essential Video: George Will on Trump, Immigration and The Fed

December 18, 2015

by J. Andrew Zalucky


George Will is one of the most essential voices of the American right. Along with Ross Douthat of The New York Times and most of the staff of The American Conservative, Will is uniquely gifted at presenting a sensible, coherent picture of modern conservatism. Even if you sit to the ideological left of the long-time Washington Post columnist, there is great value in hearing and grappling with what he has to say. And if you dare to venture out of your comfort zone (or should I say, safe space?), you might just hear some things you agree with.

Several of those instances are contained in the video below, where Will talks about the recent history of immigration in the United States, along with issues ranging from the Fed’s monetary policy to the insanity of government over-regulation. And I learned a few things from watching the video. I didn’t know Lincoln tried to learn German to communicate with German immigrants. I didn’t know we took in so many Vietnamese immigrants after the fall of Saigon in 1975. And I never realized how the Fed’s policy of low interest rates actually benefits the richest Americans (by incentivizing risky investments, like the Stock Market). I hope you learn something from watching as well:

Though for the record, the stuff he says about Trump I basically knew already.


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