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Essential Video: Jeremy Scahill on Reason TV

June 19, 2013

by J. Andrew Zalucky

“If McCain had been elected, Liberals would be crying impeachment over some of the things Obama’s done.”

Without a doubt, Jeremy Scahill is one of the finest American writers working today. His work in investigative journalism has taken him through some of the world’s most dangerous warzones including Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan. Venturing where few dare to tread, his first-hand examinations of US foreign policy have produced truly indispensable reporting (at least for anyone who cares about the truth). His new book, Dirty Wars, along with its film adaptation (out now in select theaters), offers readers a rare look into the many covert wars the US is waging across the globe.

One thing I also respect about Jeremy is his dedication to principle, no matter who is president. While he had no shortage of progressive allies to rely on when he vilified the Bush Administration, he was very much alone in 2009 as an early left-wing critic of President Obama’s foreign policy. And contrary to what you might expect, he does not outright dismiss the threat of terrorism to American national security. But he rightly asks the question: as Americans, what kind of society do we want to live in? How do we properly protect that society while being vigilant against those who would destroy it?

Below is an recent interview Jeremy gave to Reason magazine. In the video, Jeremy takes interviewer Matt Welch through a mini-grand tour of American foreign policy (as it relates to special-ops) since 9/11 and details many of the important issues that arose beforehand in the post-Watergate-era, and Iran-Contra. He also addresses the recent scandals plaguing the Obama Administration and offers a much-deserved critique of the abuses at the NSA, the war on whistle-blowers, and the jailing of Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye.

It’s good to know we have someone like Jeremy Scahill in our corner: someone who still understands that being a journalist is NOT about playing some celebrity-pundit on television, and it is absolutely NOT about being some vapid PR-agent for those in power, it’s about finding what Carl Bernstein refers to as “the best obtainable version of the truth.”

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