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Broadening Our Horizons: A Note to Our Readers

June 2, 2013

by J. Andrew Zalucky


(Photo: h.koppdelaney)

2 years ago, my friend Andrew Parker and I founded this website with one mission: to express our political opinions, and take it from there. In the past, I had started out with a blog called The Pandora’s Box, where I basically wrote about…well, everything I was interested in. But this created a problem: while multiple topics can make for a diverse readership, it can also alienate part of that same audience when you focus on one thing more than another. If you write 3 articles in a row about music, you might drive away people who want to read about history or politics, and so on. So with that, I split my writing into focusing on just Politics here and Metal over at Metal Injection. For a couple years, this has worked out nicely and allowed for the writers here to focus on delivering some sharp political analysis and commentary.

However, now that some time has passed, I feel like the time has come to expand the scope of this website to include more cultural topics. Politics will still be the focus and the overwhelming majority of articles will stick to this, but I feel that offering some wider cultural commentary will help to illuminate aspects of our society that a laser-pointed focus on politics would miss. After all, most modern publications work on this model and have for decades: The Atlantic, Slate, The New Yorker, The New Republic, the list goes on. And this is not a rigid model to go with. Even within these publications, there is a fair amount of variation, The Atlantic does more cultural material than The New Republic, but you can still find great articles like this one at TNR anyway (though I don’t like their new design all that much).

So what do I mean by culture? Think of it like this: how do things like Music, Books, Art, Film, and other expressive forms of communication relate to issues in society in general; or better yet, how do they tie into important political issues?

There are two reasons for this change:

1. Simply writing about politics alone is a bit like planting only one crop on the same plot of land year after year with no change. The first few yields will be very good, but if you fail to diversify and blend a few other things in, you risk ruining the soil you started with.

2. On that same point, for political writing, it helps to have other topics to draw from for inspiration- thereby improving whatever ideas you had for that article about say, the protests in Turkey, or the latest egregious violation of civil liberties, or how crowd-sourcing will change the nature of market-economics, or…see? The ideas are flowing already!

Furthermore, we also plan on attracting more writers to the site and producing more content. My colleague, Blayne Sapelli and I are currently working on a plan to make this prototype into a well-functioning journalistic machine. So for everyone reading this and to all of you who have enjoyed what you have seen so far, stay tuned!

Also: If you would like to write for FTSA, or would like to work behind the scenes on SEO, promotions, Audio/Video, or anything else relevant to the operations of the site, contact us at (Note: this would all be volunteer, “pro-bono” work to start out with, but if we can rally together and do a good enough job, who knows?)

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  1. PJK permalink
    June 3, 2013 8:05 am

    Good idea-

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