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For the Sake of 2013

December 27, 2012

by J. Andrew Zalucky


So, apparently the world didn’t end. In fact, upon reflecting on my predictions for 2012, I scored a respectable 4 out of 5 right. I’m still not sure why Ron Paul did not continue on a 3rd party ticket, perhaps to not jeopardize the political future of his son Rand. But all of that is behind us, as is the most exhausting election season I’ve ever experienced, and a year filled with both conflict and possibilities. As far as the possibilities go- here is some of what readers of For the Sake of Argument have to look forward to next year! (well…from me at least)

1.) A new series called “Politics in Music”, presenting readers with some of the most influential artistic statements and protest anthems from across the spectrum: Classic Rock, Punk Rock, 80’s Hardcore, Metal, and Rap.

2.) Reflections on affirmative action and the idea of re-distributive justice.

3.) The origins of ideological evil- does the evil of Fascism and National Socialism come from the ideas themselves, or the people who practiced them?

4.) Economics- Where do we go from here? Are there any policy tools left to use at this point? Or have we really “shot our bolt”?

5.) For the Sake of Radicalism- what is the future of American radicalism, ranging from Occupy, to the Anarchists, to the far-left, will 2013 be another year to “dream dangerously“? This may actually be the start of a new series of articles on various ideas and movements, “For the Sake of Liberty” or “For the Sake of Conservatism”.

And perhaps there will be more contributions from a continually diverse set of writers and artists. Another feature I would like to implement would be an Audio/Video department with interviews, discussions and mini-documentaries.

I would like to thank all of our readers for making 2012 such a great year for this site, and to all the guest writers that made “2012: An Election Symposium” such a success.

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