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2012: An Election Symposium!

September 26, 2012


In case you didn’t notice, there is a gigantic hurricane headed for the northeastern United States, threatening to cut off power and internet access potentially for days. Although we are an internet publication- the vast majority of our readership resides in the New England and the Mid-Atlantic, so in order to give those readers a chance to see the articles in a timely manner, I have decided to postpone the beginning of the symposium’s publication to Thursday, November 1st. The articles will be published, 2-3 per day, until Monday November 5th, the day before election day.

Stay tuned and stay safe.



In light of the fact that we have not yet received any submissions, I have decided to give all of you guest writers more time to get those submissions in. As of October 26th, submissions will close so that articles can be published in a timely, well balanced fashion. Please contact me if you need any more information. Also it would be good if each of you could please put a few words about yourself in the footer of your article, just to show readers the kind of representation we are getting here.


by J. Andrew Zalucky

Alright people, election season has arrived at last- and with the flurry of news coverage, debates, and poll numbers, it’s time someone provided an outlet for creative, independent political thought. And what better outlet than our own little soap-box here? We think it’s time we enlisted some guest writers to give us a nice splash of political opinion- so we’re opening the floodgates for submissions!

Have an opinion? Want to be heard? Are you as unsatisfied with our choices as we are?

For the Sake of Argument Presents:

Now Accepting submissions!

Due Date: October 10

Topic: Please describe how you plan to vote, why, and any other opinions, research, or observations relevant to the election.

Length: 500 word min
2000 word max

Other rules:

NO ALIASES, Please use your real name. If you must conceal yourself in some way, then please use your first name and just your last initial (ex. Drew Z.)

Keep it civil, profanity here and there is fine, but try to keep it from going off the rails. As editor, I will use my judgement to filter out anything blatantly inflammatory. I’m very loose here, so it should be difficult to fall under this category.

Cite your sources– If you’re simply citing an internet article, the link works. Otherwise MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, APA are all fine.

Submit all articles and questions to

(unless you know us personally of course, then I’m sure you’ll find a way to get it to us)

Happy writing!

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