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Brace Yourself for the BS

August 22, 2012

by J. Andrew Zalucky

I think we could all use a little reminder of just how stupid political ads are. For my part, TV ads have never swayed me one way or the other and  don’t see how they could be convincing to anyone else. I don’t watch much TV anymore and prefer to get my news and entertainment from the internet instead, so I’ve been lucky enough to not see too many ads. And since I do live in Connecticut, I’m not expecting to see too many Romney/Ryan ads anyway.

When discussing political ads, the question often comes up “Don’t they have anything positive to say? Why do they have to tear the other side down so much?” I asked myself this question many times, until one day I just gave up and became resigned to the fact that political ads are total bullshit. Political pundits know this better than anyone, as their revealing commentary shows how politicians don’t use ads to convince the politically active to support their policies- rather, they use them to scare the inactive and uninformed into hating the other candidate.

To be fair though, when you’re choice is between a sitting President who signed a law that violates the Bill of Rights, and a former Governor whose budget plan is nothing more than a populist farce– what good can you really say about either of them?

I guess the least we can do is try to laugh a little bit:

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  1. August 24, 2012 4:01 pm

    Again the last real president was JFK. theres a difference between a difference maker and one who poses as one. As long as misinformation exists, people will follow the blind, who are themselves following the blind. People continue to harp on Obama for not saving the economy, however, the economy cannot be saved per se from just cutting budget or programs. The world is mired in a deep slump, and the only ones who are surviving are those that werent caught up in the financial crisis (canada, Germany) or who went through growing pains and are now recovering (Iceland). However, people will not be educated on the systemic depressive state of the world economy; they will be fed slogans and back and forths between teh two men.

    Romney condemns the healthcare bill, however, he implemented a similar plan in Mass. Also, his ideals on societal issues and context are poor and pathetic and of the white waspy closed minded realm (I relate to African AMericans because my ancestors were slave owners…thats like me saying yea i relate to the Spanish because my genes connect to the Moors who overtook them). Misinformation is fed upon voters who know no better. Its fed upon them by the actually intelligent pundits who themselves sometimes get caught up in the rhetoric or are just borne of it. VOting means nothing for the intelligent or knowledgeable. Its just a right. The right to vote is weaker than the right to make money, build your empires/communities/groups and then cause people to take notice, which in turn makes politicians bow to your every need and whim. You really think these politicians care for gays and lesbians or blacks or senior citizens. No not really at all. They care for votes, and whichever group can give them those votes, they support.

    • August 24, 2012 4:07 pm

      Thank you for Reading James- backbone of cynicism indeed!

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