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When City Workers Get Mad!- Don’t Park Here!!!

February 27, 2012

by J. Andrew Zalucky

UPDATE: Apparently these signs where not placed by the city workers, but by the disgruntled owner of the building next door. Well…I suppose being a landlord for too long can be pretty depressing too.

No, this isn’t a joke, a municipal worker really put this sign on my co-worker’s car today.

So, the local transportation department is doing some roadwork near the office I work and needs to use our parking lot. Apparently the local workers aren’t very good at telling which spaces are reserved. So…they decided to wrongfully take their anger out on some of my fellow employees for parking in the spaces they wanted. Yeesh!!! That’s almost as bad as my former boss blocking two cars in when one of them mistakenly took her spots. They left this one on the windshield as well, I guess to at least display some sort of formality:

Interesting what angry, unhappy people will do. To be fair though, I’d probably be pretty miserable working for the city of Norwalk too.

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