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Press Release: The League for Spiritual Discovery Launches LSD-4-LDS

January 19, 2012

Message from the Editors:
We were recently approached by a member of The League for Spiritual Discovery who, after offering us some mysterious pills and several books by Sylvia Brown, told us about a new initiative being launched to strengthen the social-cohesion between various spiritual groups. He kindly asked us to read his group’s press release and publicize it here on For the Sake of Argument. How could we resist?!?!

by Penny Tresjon

For immediate release:

Salt Lake City, Utah: The League for Spiritual Discovery (LSD), psychedelic based spiritual exploration organization, is proud to announce the launch of a brand new, nationwide initiative:

LSD for LDS.

“We aim to promote a grand interfaith dialogue,” said Rolf Stenersens, the League’s current chairman. “LSD for LDS is about actively reaching out to the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS), and extending an honest and good-faith invitation to join together and share in each others traditions and theology.”

The organization has worked with numerous mainstream religious organizations in the past, including the Southern Baptist Convention, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Hillel International.

“To jump start our mutual cultural and spiritual enrichment, we are reaching out to who we see as the symbolic figurehead of mainstream Mormonism: Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. We hope he will accept our invitation and join us for a weekend of spiritual exploration and reflection at the LSD center in upstate New York.”

In conjunction with the new initiative, the LSD is also unveiling new fundraising goals. A donor drive of just 500 individuals each contributing one cent would raise enough money to purchase Mr. Mitt Romney a single tab of acid, more than enough for an inexperienced user. We hope that this will encourage a spiritual cross-consensus between faiths that will yield significant results for years to come.

For inquiries, please mail to:

The League for Spiritual Discovery
1200 G. Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005

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