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North Korea, Always Sunny, All the Time, Always

December 18, 2011

by Andrew Parker

So it seems that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il has died. State TV reported that he died from “being physically and mentally overworked,” although he has been known to have health conditions previously.

It is a pretty bad year for dictators everywhere, either due to popular overthrow or personal health. It is unlikely that Kim’s death will lead to a glorious democratic revolution however. Though he had a tremendously expansive cult of personality, the state apparatus is pretty solidly entrenched, having been so for half a century, and popular dissent registers at the level of little to none. Those who do speak up usually wind up in front of a firing squad.

Hopefully with the end of Kim’s particular brand of madness, North Korea will be a bit more open to persuasion on such things as their nuclear program, and accepting more food aid for their famine-plagued populace.

In any case, upon hearing the news, this is the first thing I thought of. Do enjoy.

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