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June 30, 2011

by J. Andrew Zalucky

So um…this happened today:

Now, its very hard to offend me and everyone knows political analysts say far worse things off camera. So while I was not “offended” in any way, I was a little surprised. In fact my reaction was pretty similar to Joe Scarborough’s, one of simply “Holy crap!…You just did that didn’t you?” But in reference to the reaction the incident has received- “So what?”

I happen to like Morning Joe quite a bit, and I’m always interested to hear what both Mark Halperin and John Heilmann have to say. The show features a variety of interesting guests…hell they even had Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the show! Any assertion that people should stop watching because of this is absolutely ridiculous.

Most importantly, the President will in no way be shaken by this. FAR worse things get said about him everyday from people who are not beholden to the same journalistic standards that Mark Halperin is. Halperin has actually given the President a lot of credit and leeway in his analysis and has admitted his intellectual sympathy for him many times. So I hope people don’t go around saying “Look at how BIASED against the President he is! You can’t rely on his analysis because he’s BIASED.”


To say someone is biased is the rhetorical equivalent to saying North America is a continent.

I think we should cut Mark Halperin a break here. He’s made all the necessary apologies and been suspended from MSNBC and that’s more than enough. Perhaps I’m just desensitized, but if you don’t agree with me on the nature of swearing, perhaps a certain someone will help you see differently:

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