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2011-2016: An Archive of Arguments

Below is a list of our best and most read material from 2011 to 2016. For the Sake of Argument launched on the eve of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden and kept running up to the 2016 election season. During it’s run, the authors covered Occupy Wall Street, the 2012 Presidential Election, the Arab Spring, the Syrian Civil War, the Edward Snowden revelations, and a myriad of other pressing political and social issues. But we also mixed in some satire, media and cultural commentary, as well as interviews and book review features. We hope you, our readers, found something thought-provoking and insightful on this site.

Note, some material from 2015 and 2016 has since been adapted for articles at The Foundation for Economic Education: you can find them here.

– J. Andrew Zalucky, Andrew Parker, PJK and all guest contributors.

Encouraging thought and debate. For its own sake.

– Reporting –

Raging Bull: A Snapshot of Spain in Crisis (JAZ, 2013)

All Day, All Week: A Report From Occupy Wall Street (JAZ, 2011)

– Interviews –

Stacking the BRICS, An Interview With Kenneth Rapoza of Forbes (JAZ, 2015)

Shadows of the Revolution: An Interview With a Young Egyptian (JAZ, 2013)

Over There: An Interview With a Soldier Returned From Afghanistan (JAZ, 2013)

– Book Review –

The Ongoing Resolution of WW2 (JAZ, 2015)

War: The Importance of First-Hand Accounts (JAZ, 2015)

– Culture –

What Christmas Music Is Worth Saving? (JAZ, 2015)

Kafka: Laughter in the Face of Progress (JAZ, 2015)

The Limits of Utopia (JAZ, 2015)

Regaining a Sense of Sanity in the Age of Social Media (JAZ, 2015)

The Brilliance of Parks and Recreation (JAZ, 2015)

The Unheard Music (AP, 2014)

Good Night, Good Luck, and a Merry Christmas (PJK, 2013)

Revenge of the Nerds: The Positive Effects of Video Gaming (JAZ, 2013)

Only the Names and Faces Change: Critiquing Postmodernism (JAZ, 2013)

Star Trek Into Darkness: Getting Us Past 9/11 (AP, 2013)

Politics in Music: All Along the Red, White and Blue (JAZ, 2013)

Oh, And Tarantino Isn’t Making You Crazy Either (JAZ, 2013)

No, Your PS3 Is Not Making You Crazy (JAZ, 2013)

Wait, So Was Hitler a Hipster? (JAZ, 2013)

For the Sake of Orwell (PJK, 2013)

Politics in Music: For What It’s Worth in Ohio (JAZ, 2013)

Politics in Music: You Say You Want a Streetfight? (JAZ, 2013)

Against Censorship (JAZ, 2012)

Against Self-Pity (JAZ, 2011)

– US Politics –

When America Changes Its Political Mind (JAZ, 2015)

Cuba: When Sanctions and Embargoes Backfire (JAZ, 2014)

Marijuana Policy: Let’s Be Adults About This (BM, 2014)

The Celebrity Impulse: The Perils of the Imperial Presidency (JAZ, 2013)

No More Excuses, This Is Serious (JAZ, 2013)

The Shame of Mass Incarceration in America (BS, 2013)

The Gun and the Hand That Wields It (JAZ, 2012)

2012: An Election Symposium (2012, contains links to all articles in the series)

What Are We to Make of the Whole Akin and Mourdock Kerfuffle? (PJK, 2012)

Why We Should Rejoice (AP, 2011)

“Justice Has Been Done” (AP, 2011)

– UK Politics –

God Save the Queen and the Baby Making Machine (PJK, 2013)

Number One, Mister Speaker! (JAZ, 2011)

– Libertarianism –

The Way Forward: 5 Big Challenges for Libertarians (JAZ, 2015)

No, Somalia Is Not a “Libertarian Paradise” (JAZ, 2014)

– Economics –

Regulate This: Dodd-Frank’s Effects on Community Banks and Credit Unions (JAZ, 2016)

An Indonesian Version of the Minimum Income Guarantee? (JAZ, 2015)

Regulations: Friend of the Powerful (JAZ, 2014)

An Ominous Dawn: Why Economics Is Central to Politics (JAZ, 2014)

The Welfare State: There’s a Better Way (JAZ, 2014)

Debt, Business and the State: The New Concentration of Power (JAZ, 2013)

Globalization is Not Evil (JAZ, 2012)

– Satire –

Finally, a Presidential Candidate We Can All Believe In (JAZ, 2016)

My Detailed Analysis of Possible 2016 Candidates (JAZ, 2015)

The Ron Paul Deception (PT, 2013)

Press Release: The League for Spiritual Discovery Launches LSD-4-LDS (PT, 2012)

– Religion –

Secularists: Why We Need to Be Different (JAZ, 2013)

Social Conservatives: Remember the Constitution (JAZ, 2012)

For the Separation of Church and State (JAZ, 2011)

– History and Geopolitics –

How Should We Think About History? (JAZ, 2014)

Why Geography Still Matters (JAZ, 2014)

Risk!…(Leaves the Board) (AP, 2014)

Reflections on the Revolution in Ukraine (JAZ, 2014)

Now Is the Springtime of Our Discontent (PJK, 2013)

To Intervene or Not… (JAZ, 2012)

Resurrect the International Brigades (AP, 2012)

Fossil State (AP, 2011)

– The War in Syria –

The Intervention in Syria Has Begun (AP, 2014)

Want to Stop ISIS? Look No Further, But Really Look (AP, 2014)

Isn’t It Ironic? Iran, Iraq and the United States (JAZ, 2014)

Rejoinder: Why I’m Still Against War in Syria (JAZ, 2013)

Why Inaction in Syria Is Worse (AP, 2013)

No War in Syria (JAZ, 2013)